I’m trying to open a Live Heatmap but it just opens my site without the heatmap. What’s going on?


Unfortunately Live heatmaps won’t work if the Tracking Code is not on the page you are attempting to load a heatmap for. What happens here is that our Live heatmaps are using the Mouseflow Tracking Code to show the heatmap data on top of your site.

 If the Tracking Code is either:

1. not installed 


2. not running

we won't be able to load the heatmap data on your page.


There are two possible causes for this issue:

1. The code is not installed: To resolve the issue and get the Live heatmaps to load on your site, please re-install the Mouseflow Tracking Code on your site.

2. The code is not loaded: If for example, you're using a GTM firing rule to make sure that Mouseflow isn't recording yourself and your colleagues this may also block you from opening Live Heatmaps. You can solve this issue by including a firing rule that runs the Mouseflow tracking code when: window.name = "mf_liveHeatmaps_init".