The website settings page allows to view and edit the basic Mouseflow settings for your chosen website.

  • Website Name: This is name of the website shown in your Mouseflow dashboard. This setting has no impact on your actual website, it is only the name which is displayed in Mouseflow.

  • Website ID: This is the unique Mouseflow ID for your website. This ID is used in your Mouseflow tracking code and in a handful of API commands. It is also used to integrate with a number of other services.

  • Domains: The Domains field shows the list of domains that is eligible for tracking using this website's recording script. When adding a domain, all sub-domains of that domain will also be accepted. You can add additional domains by typing them into the Domains input field or remove domains by clicking the X next to an undesired domain in the list below the input field.

  • Recording Rate: The recording rate setting allows you to define the amount of visitors that will be recorded by Mouseflow. By default, the recording rate will always be set to 1/1 which means 100% of visitors will be recorded. You can edit the fraction of recorded visitors by using the slider or typing in the fraction field. For example, a recording rate of 1/20 means only 5% of your visitors will be recorded.

  • Pages to Record: You can choose to record all pages that the Mouseflow script is loaded on, or you can define specific pages that you want to record