Mouseflow's Filter Drawer is one of the most powerful tools on your account. Here you sort and filter your data - quickly and easily. This can help you focus on the exact data you need right now. In this guide we'll walk you through all the multiple filter options you have - and show you some of the live filtering magic that's possible using the Filter Drawer. 

The Filter Drawer is available in the entire Mouseflow App. You can use it to filter all data on your account, including the Recording List, the Heatmaps, your Form Reports, Funnel Reports and Feedback Reports.

In each section, you can find the Filter Drawer in the blue top bar. You can open it by clicking the filter (funnel) icon. Try looking at the gif to your left - here you can see how the Filter Drawer is accessed on our recording list. You can also get an idea how easy it is to apply the filters.

All our filters work with live data - so you don't have to set up a new segment and wait for data to come in. Instead, you can easily filter your existing data - even for those segments you didn't know you needed when the data was collected.

What filters are available?

Quite a few, actually. For an easy overview, we've grouped them into categories below:

Standard Filters

This group contains some of our most used filters, which are mainly connected to information on the users and their system. The list of Standard Filters include:

  • Country
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Traffic source
  • Visitor type
  • Screen resolution
  • Friction
  • Starred
  • Watched
  • Visitor name
  • Session IDs

Device filters

Here you can choose to segment the data based on the device of the visitors: phone, tablet or desktop

Duration filters

In the duration sliders, you can segment the data based on either the duration of the visit, or the number of pages seen by each visitor.

Navigation filters

Here you can segment the data based on the pages seen (or not seen) by each visitor. You can filter by Entry Page or Exit Page, or on specific pages seen (or not seen) in the visit. Want to see all users who made it to your payment page, but not the confirmation page? This is where you do it.

  • Entry Page - Show only recordings where the user's session began on this page.
  • Contains Page - Show only recordings where the user has visited this page
  • Does Not Contain Page - Show only recording where the user never visited this page
  • Exit Page - Show only recordings where the user's session ended on this page

Tags and Custom Variables

Here you can filter the data by Tags and Custom Variables. A custom variable allows you to push a key/value pair into Mouseflow - two pieces of information like cart_value = "large" or saw_popup = "true". A tag allows you to push a single string into Mouseflow - one piece of information like popup_fired or order_placed. In addition, there are some tags that are already set up for you.